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This is amazing. It moved me inside. I cried during the letter part. Thank you so much.

You've done something completely gorgeous.  Thank you, so much.

This plucked a deep chord. Having things you just want those who loved you and are gone now to know. This was beautifully done. Thank you.

i hope you come to understand just how many hearts youve touched with this game. its beautiful, and haunting, and quiet and wonderful in so many ways. i cried while reading the letter. thank you for making this!

Suspenseful at the right moments, amazingly heartwarming at others. I love literally everything about this. This is a perfect experience.

this was amazing! is there anywhere where we could download the song from this? it's absolutely gorgous

Hi Hannah! All music from the game is available for download on Bandcamp.

Thanks! I just had to listen to the music again. The Right Kind of Story is particularly lovely!


this means something very good 2 me.

i think u have done something particular with this medium where u have made not just good storytelling, but good storytelling *specifically* for twine.  and it is good storytelling.

i hope yr rly proud of this game, i think its fantastic. i think its rly wonderful.

holy crap, i'm in love with this! absolutely amazing <3  i did not expect the plot to turn out the way it did, but i enjoyed it even more!

an absolutely beautiful game, it hit me really hard. i enjoyed every minute of it. the ending left me in tears. thank you for this wonderful game, the writing and atmosphere were so amazing. 

I'm so glad it meant something to you. Please share it as widely as you'd like :)